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I was just 14 years old when I discovered my purpose in life.

My soccer coach called me after one of our games to tell me how proud I had made him, and what a difference I had made to the team.

Because I didn’t have many people in my life at that time that truly believed in me, hearing those words filled me with joy and lifted my spirits over the moon. I was grateful. Not just for what he said, but for the fact that he’d said it at all.

I hung up the phone and realized that I wanted to be a person like that. A person who can change someone’s life, change how they see themselves, and help inspire them to become more. I wanted to be like my coach and learn how to find, and use, the power of words to empower others.

Of course, at just 14, I didn’t yet have the tools I needed to be that person. But the essence persisted, and as an adult I was soon able to articulate my life purpose:

"Inspire greatness in everyone, everywhere, and leave them better than when I found them."

On my quest to fulfill this purpose, I enrolled in many self-development courses. What I discovered was that most of these personal development programs were great for helping me see the 30-thousand-foot view.

But I’m a linear thinker. I found I wanted and needed more than that. I wanted help forging a direction, setting out action steps, and I wanted information that was presented in a logical, linear fashion. And I realized I wasn’t going to get what I needed from other courses.

So, I built my own program. And, I went to work on myself every day. It worked. I became more and built my life, and my career, centered on my purpose and core values.

I started giving my time to other people, helping them become better, to become more. I founded Unleash Dreams™ in 1993, and since then the program has helped hundreds of people around the world discover their purpose and values, learn to talk to themselves more effectively, and to pursue their dreams. From corporate executives to single moms, from those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to children in poor countries, we are honoured to have made a huge difference to each person, and to every life they touch and influence as well.



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