Finding purpose = finding happiness

You have a unique ability: to create happiness in your own life. It is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself.

Indeed, this ability to dream, and to act on your dreams, are among the most awe-inspiring capabilities human beings have.

Unfortunately, most people have either forgotten how to dream, have given up on their dreams, or think that their dreams will never become a reality. Don’t let this be you. Unleash Dreams™ is unlike any other personal development program. We focus on helping you identify your life purpose, your core values and to discover the Big Dream you have for your extraordinary life.

Empowering Lives

People from all walks of life have experienced the power of Unleash Dreams™. From those dealing with drug and alcohol dependencies, to single moms, to sports teams, corporations, non-profits, to local and international communities, Unleash Dreams™ is much more than personal development. It is empowering lives.


Why get involved with Unleash Dreams™?


Unleash Dreams™ – How it Works

We focus on character
Your character is made up of your human qualities, the things that attract others to you and that make you different from everyone else. Through this focus on your character, you are more easily able to identify, and stay true to, your purpose and values.
We build capacity for positive self-talk
We teach you why positive self-talk is important, and we teach you how to talk to yourself with affirmations and as though your dreams have already been accomplished.
We build the optimism habit
We demonstrate why starting and ending each day with optimism is a simple, powerful, and effective tool for achieving dreams. We show you how to summon mental images of your dreams, instead of your current reality.
We build confidence
We help you see what you are capable of. You become a better you and therefore become more effective in everything you do.
We practice simplicity
Keeping it simple makes the concepts easy to grasp, the action steps easy to plan and take, and the dreams easy to reach. It doesn͛t matter where you͛ve come from or what your current circumstances are. Anyone can learn it and use it every day.
  1. Define your life purpose and create your purpose statement.
  2. Identify your personal core values.
  3. Develop your eco system and personal rhythm.
  4. Create your written compass.
  5. Build your visual dream board or dream book.
  6. How to experience the dream even before it happens.
  7. How to let the world know about your dreams.
  8. Develop the daily discipline.
  9. Celebrate your accomplishments.
  10. Build your personal advisory board.
  11. Take action.